Bonding Services


In magnetron sputtering applications it is critical that your target material is secure and stable for optimal performance, this is accomplished with either clamping the target or by bonding the material to prevent cracking . When your application requires that your sputtering target be bonded, Angstrom Sciences offers both elastomer bonding and metallic bonding services. X-ray and ultrasound verification are also available upon request.

Metallic Bonding Service

Metallic bonding utilizes an Indium Alloy and is rated to 150 degrees C. A metallic bond provides good thermal and electrical conductivity and is recommended for most sputtering applications.

Elastomer Bonding Services

Elastomer bonding utilizes a silver-tilled epoxy compound that is rated to 250 degrees C. These bonds work well for applications with high temperatures, and are often less expensive than a metallic bond. However, elastomer bonds do not offer the thermal and electrical conductivity available in a metallic bond. An elastomer bond is very rigid.


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