Cylindrical Magnetron

Angstrom Sciences offers state-of-the-art magnetrons for virtually any standard sputtering process. But we know that every application is different. That’s why we’ve developed a unique, modular approach that specifically adapts to your specifications.

Cylindrical Magnetrons have long been trusted in the glass coating industry to create uniform thin films while maximizing target utilization. Now, Angstrom Sciences has created a compact, lightweight, and economical cylindrical magnetron specifically designed to offer these same advantages to Flat Panel Display, Solar Cell, and Web Coating applications.

Custom Designs

Complete assemblies in both drop-in and side mount are available using 3" (75mm) or 5" (125mm) backing tube diameters in lenghts up to four meters and with a minimum source to source spacing multiple in-line arrays are available for compact high throughput production systems.


Cylindrical Magnetron Side Mount Angstrom

Economical and Fully-Compatible Investment

The ONYX-Revolution™ utilizes a universal and cost-effective magnet design with customized turnarounds to fit any target type. And, it is designed with off-the-shelf components for low-cost, long-term investment and reliability.


Patented Technology

Angstrom Sciences’ patented profiled magnet technology creates a deposition profile that is closer to normal between the source and the substrate. The improved deposition profile offers reduced debris accumulation on the chamber walls.

Additionally, Angstrom Sciences’ magnet array offers a higher magnetic field intensity, which allows the user to run the sputtering process at lower power to achieve typical deposition rates.


Cylindrical Magnetron Testing Angstrom

Translated Savings

Inherently, Cylindrical Magnetrons can hold up to three times the amount of target material as a planar magnetron with the same spatial area. Angstrom Sciences’ ONYX-Revolution™ further optimizes material investment with up to 85% target utilization. Plus, operating at lower power levels results in a typical power savings of 20%.


Total Commitment

Angstrom Sciences is dedicated to helping our customers develop the most productive and cost-effective thin film applications by providing the world’s most advanced magnetrons, high quality deposition materials, and comprehensive technical support. And we stand ready to ensure your satisfaction.


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