Pressure Conversion Charts

To Convert Into Multiply By
atmosphere bar 1.01325
atmosphere dynes/cm2 1.01295x106
atmosphere in. Hg 29.9213
atmosphere in. water 407.19
atmosphere kg/cm2 1.03325
atmosphere mbar 1013.25
atmosphere mtorr or micron Hg 7600002
atmosphere Pa or N/m2 101325
atmosphere psi or lb/in2 14.696
atmosphere torr or mm Hg 760
bar atmosphere 0.9872
bar dynes/cm2 1000000
bar in. Hg 29.54
bar in. water 401.47
bar kg/cm2 1.0197
bar mbar 1000
bar mtorr or micron Hg 750061.7
bar Pa or N/m2 100000
bar psi or lb/in2 14.508
bar torr or mm Hg 750.2838
dynes/cm2 atmosphere 9.872x10-7
dynes/cm2 bar 1x10-6
dynes/cm2 in. Hg 2.954x10-5
dynes/cm2 in. water 4.0165x10-4
dynes/cm2 kg/cm2 1.0200x10-6
dynes/cm2 mbar 1x10-3
dynes/cm2 mtorr or micron Hg 0.75028
dynes/cm2 Pa or N/m2 0.1
dynes/cm2 psi or lb/in2 1.4508x10-5
dynes/cm2 torr or mm Hg 7.5028x10-4
gauss lines/in2 6.452
gilbert ampere-turn 0.7958
gram oz 0.03527
gram dyne 980.7
gram lb 2.205x10-3
gram-calorie Btu 3.968x10-3
gram-cm kg-meter 10-5
gram-cm joule 9.807x10-5
gram-cm ft-lb 7.233x10-5
gram-cm erg 980.7
gram-cm Btu 9.302x10-8
gram-cm kg-calorie 2.344x10-8
gram-cm lb/in 5.6x10-3
gram-cm3 lb/circular mil ft 0.03613
gram-cm3 lb/in3 0.03613
gram-cm3 lb/ft3 62.43
horsepower horsepower (metric) 1.014
horsepower watt 745.7
in. Hg atmosphere 0.03342
in. Hg bar 0.03386
in. Hg dynes/cm2 3.385x104
in. Hg in. water 13.598
in. Hg kg/cm2 0.034532
in. Hg mbar 33.85
in. Hg mtorr or micron Hg 25399.99
in. Hg Pa or N/m2 3386.389
in. Hg psi or lb/in2 0.4912
in. Hg torr or mm Hg 25.4
in. water atmosphere 0.002456
in. water bar 0.002488
in. water psi or lb/in2 0.036127
in. water dynes/cm2 2490.88
in. water kg/cm2 0.00254
in. water in. Hg 0.073554
in. water mbar 2.491
in. water mtorr or micron Hg 1868.32
in. water Pa or N/m2 248.9
in. water kPa 0.2491
in. water psi or lb/in2 0.036127
in. water torr or mm Hg 1.868
kg/cm2 atmosphere 0.9678
kg/cm2 bar 0.9804
kg/cm2 dynes/cm2 980665
kg/cm2 in. Hg 28.958
kg/cm2 in. water 393.76
kg/cm2 mbar 980.665
kg/cm2 mtorr or micron Hg 735.559
kg/cm2 Pa or N/m2 98066.5
kg/cm2 psi or lb/in2 14.223
kg/cm2 torr or mm Hg 735.559
mbar atmosphere 0.000987
mbar bar 0.001
mbar dynes/cm2 1000
mbar kg/cm2 0.00102
mbar in. Hg 0.02953
mbar in. water 0.4018
mbar mtorr or micron Hg 0.750062
mbar Pa or N/m2 100
mbar kPa 0.1
mbar psi or lb/in2 0.0145
mbar torr or mm Hg 0.75006
mtorr or micron Hg atmosphere 0.001316
mtorr or micron Hg bar 0.001333
mtorr or micron Hg dynes/cm2 1333.22
mtorr or micron Hg kg/cm2 0.00136
mtorr or micron Hg in. Hg 0.000394
mtorr or microm Hg kPa 0.0013332
mtorr or micron Hg in. water 0.005353
mtorr or micron Hg mbar 0.001333
mtorr or micron Hg Pa or N/m2 0.13328
mtorr or micron Hg psi or lb/in2 0.000193
mtorr or micron Hg torr 0.001
Pa or N/m2 atmosphere 9.869x10-6
Pa or N/m2 bar 1x10-5
Pa or N/m2 dynes/cm2 10
Pa or N/m2 kg/cm2 1.020x10-5
Pa or N/m2 in. Hg 0.000295
Pa or N/m2 in. water 0.004019
Pa or N/m2 mbar 0.01
Pa or N/m2 mtorr or micron Hg 7.5028
Pa or N/m2 psi or lb/in2 0.000145
Pa or N/m2 torr or mm Hg 0.007501
psi or lb/in2 atmosphere 0.06805
psi or lb/in2 bar 0.06893
psi or lb/in2 dynes/cm2 68947.6
psi or lb/in2 in. Hg 2.036
psi or lb/in2 in. water 27.68
psi or lb/in2 mbar 68.97
psi or lb/in2 mtorr or micron Hg 51714.93
psi or lb/in2 Pa or N/m2 6894.76
psi or lb/in2 torr or mm Hg 51.71
psi or lb/in2 kPa 6.8947
kPa psi 0.14504
kPa in. of water 10.1973
kPa in. of Hg 0.2953
kPa mbar 10
kPa  cm of water 10.1973
kPa mm of Hg 7.5006
torr or mm Hg cm of water 1.3595
torr or mm of Hg kPa 0.13332
torr or mm Hg atmosphere 0.001316
torr or mm Hg bar 0.00133
torr or mm Hg dynes/cm2 1333.22
torr or mm Hg kg/cm2 0.00136
torr or mm Hg in. Hg 0.03937
torr or mm Hg in. water 0.5353
torr or mm Hg mbar 1.3332
torr or mm Hg mtorr or micron Hg 1000
torr or mm Hg Pa or N/m2 133.28
torr or mm Hg psi or lb/in2 0.019337