Direct Cooled - Indirect Cooled Circular Magnetron

Angstrom Sciences’ direct cooled / indirect cooled circular magnetrons provide maximum flexibility to your sputter process. Its versatile design can operate in direct cooled or indirect cooled mode.

Each DC / IC Cathode comes equipped with a standard bolt-on, O-ring-sealed backing plate that mounts directly to the cathode body. Operate in indirect-cooled mode by clamping your target to the backing plate assembly.

For applications that require high throughput and maximum power density, remove the backing plate and bolt the sputter target directly to the cathode body. Direct cooled mode provides stable results throughout demanding production runs in the 250 Watts/inch2 range.

For non-metallic or ceramic processes, the target may be bonded to the backing plate or both the sputtering target and the backing plate may be bolted directly to the cathode body for optimal cooling.

Angstrom Sciences’ direct cooled / indirect cooled magnetrons are compatible with our High Power Pulsed (HPP), High Power RF, or Rotary magnetron designs. DC / IC Circular Magnetrons are available in 2"-16" outer diameters.