Magnetron Sputtering Technology

Magnetron Sputtering Components

Angstrom Sciences is a leading manufacturer and innovator of magnetron sputtering technology as a part of our ongoing efforts to meet our customer's application needs. Magnetron sputtering is a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process. Physical Vapor Deposition is any process in which a solid "target" material is vaporized, transported, and then deposited onto a substrate in order to create a film.

Because magnetron sputtering works at a molecular level it can create and project a smaller particle of one material onto another in a more uniform and tighter pattern thus increasing the performance and durability of the coating because of the high energy penetrating characteristics of PVD.

Magnetron sputtering actually creates a bond that penetrates the surface of a material by a number of angstroms rather than merely coating or adhering to the surface material . The process is far superior to painting and plating because of the more durable, high adhesion coating achieved through PVD which is more resistant to environmental conditions.

Magnetron sputtering technology has been incorporated in a wide range of technologies as the designs to accommodate different form factors of the coated substrate have matured and the processes to deposit optical, tribological, electronic, medical, and other functional coatings and surface treatments have been developed.

Because magnetron sputtering is a wide range of different and changing technologies, we have created addition pages beyond this page to highlight specific technologies and how they relate to materials and applications.

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