PVD Coating Research & Development

ONYX Sputtering Plasma Angstrom Sciences

In order to satisfy a corporate mission to deliver cutting edge products and provide unparalleled customer support and service, Angstrom Sciences maintains a fully staffed and equipped Applications Laboratory.

Staffed by scientists and engineers with decades of experience, the laboratory serves as the test bed for all new magnetron designs, performance verification testing, and thin film process development.  All new Angstrom Sciences products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory to ensure that every element of product performance criteria is met before any deliveries to a customer are made!  Many of our customers contract with the facility to establish baseline processes for new materials/products as well as verify the integrity of proposed approaches to manufacturing implementation.  

The capabilities of the Application Laboratory include:

Lab Deposition Equipment:

D&W Bell Jar:  Batch System with substrate planetary, substrate heating
-    CTI Cryogenic Pump
-    Welch 1397 Mechanical Pump
-    MKS Pressure Control system

Custom System #1: (80” x 15” x 24”) w/ substrate Carousel
-    CTI Cryogenic Pump
-    Welch 8808 Mechanical Pump
-    MKS Pressure Control

Custom System #2 (84” x 12”x 36”) Single-ended load lock, with substrate scanning
-    Varian 6”  Diffusion pump
-    Welch 1376 Mechanical Pump
-    Leybold WS100/DK50 Blower Package
-    MKS Pressure Control

Power Supplies:
-    AE RFXII 1250W RF Power Supply
-    AE RFXII 5500W RF Power Supply
-    AE RFX 600 RF Power Supply
-    AE Pinnacle Plus 10kW DC Power Supply
-    AE Pinnacle 20kW DC Power Supply
-    AE MDX 1K  1kW DC Power Supply
-    AE MDX10  10kW DC Power Supply -7-
-    Zhuhai Shengpu MS-30K 30kW DC Power Supply

Ultrasonic Bath: Substrate Cleaning

Analytical – Optical Metrology:
    Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer UV-NIR
    Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer UV- NIR
    Gretag MacBeth Densitometer

Analytical – Electrical Metrology:
    Guardian 4pt probe  (10-100 ohm/sq,)
    XY Axis Automated Mapping Magnetic Field (Bx, By, Bz)
        [accommodates linear and cylindrical magnetrons]

Analytical – Physical Metrology:
    Dektak® profilometer
    XY Axis Automated Mapping Displacement (Target Erosion)
        [Both Linear and Cylindrical Magnetrons]



For more information regarding  Coatiing Lab Services or to discuss your project, call 412-469-8466 contact us online.