Angstrom Executive Management

Mark Bernick - President

Mark Bernick


Mark Bernick began his professional career in technical sales and soon after became the product manager of PVD Materials, magnetrons, and research & development systems at a national vacuum supply company. During his tenure as a product manager, Mr. Bernick designed and manufactured a full line of systems including resistive evaporation, electron beam evaporation, chemical vapor deposition, and magnetron sputtering systems.

In 1988, Mr. Bernick founded Angstrom Sciences, Inc. The company supplied PVD Materials and specialized in designing circular cluster assemblies with unique geometries for superconductivity research. Since then, the ONYX® -series has developed into a full line of circular, linear, and cylindrical magnetron sputtering cathodes for research and development through full-production industrial applications.


Suzanne DeCree

Office Manager

As Office Manager, Suzanne handles all human resources and accounts receivable issues, coordinates procedural manuals and shipping for all Angstrom Sciences’ products.