ONYX-Φlux Control

Angstrom Sciences is internationally known for the cutting edge technology we bring to magnetron sputtering applications. We have now developed a method to control the plasma across the surface of the target. The ONYX-Φlux Control, (Flux Control) developed for both planar and circular magnetrons, allows the user to maximize uniformity or target utilization.

Control Uniformity

Programmable dwell time of the magnetic field at specific points on the target surface. Provides precise control of electrical and magnetic field crossing point to focus the erosion profile and tune uniformity.

 Flux Control Plasma Angstrom Sciences


Control Material Utilization

Sweeps the plasma across the target surface at a constant rate. Up to 65% Target Utilization can be achieved on flat planar targets with thicknesses up to 1.4" (35mm) allowing for extremely long run times.

Flux Control Eroded Target Angstrom Sciences

User Friendly Software

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Three user modes - Run, Edit, Manual
  • Touch screen technology
  • Input position of the plasma and dwell time

Flux Control Angstrom Sciences

Total Commitment 

Angstrom Sciences is dedicated to helping our customers develop the most productive and cost-effective thin film applications by providing the world’s most advanced magnetrons, high quality deposition materials, and comprehensive technical support. We stand by ready to ensure your satisfaction. That is why we back all of our magnetrons with a 2-year warranty, the longest in the industry.


Flux Control Eroded Circular Target Angstrom Sciences

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