Plasma Analysis and Process Control

Process flow controllers are high-speed closed-loop process gas controllers, designed for real-time, in-situ precision control of reactive sputtering-based vacuum coating and plasma treatment processes. They are complete, compact, flexible, convenient to use, and economical solutions which can be readily integrated into new as well as existing systems. Equally at home in production or R&D tools, process flow controllers can bring about demonstrable improvements in process stability, repeatability, and yield. A wide range of accessories are available including sensors specifically designed for HIPMS Sputtering Applications.

Process control is essential in industrial plasma applications to ensure reliability and high quality of the process. Here, optical emission spectroscopy (OES) is a first choice technique since it does not affect the plasma and since real-time monitoring of several plasma species is possible. Our PLASUS EMICON systems come with all the features you need to analyze, optimize and control your plasma application.



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PLASUS is a leading manufacturer of spectroscopic plasma monitor systems. Founded 20 years ago, our core competence is the development of turn-key process control systems for industry and R&D applications. Our systems are applied for plasma monitoring, process control, process optimization, quality control and spectroscopic plasma analysis.

Benefit from our many years of experience and leading industry know-how - we will be at your service and advise you comprehensively for your application!

 Angstrom Sciences’ broad experience and leading market position in planar and cylindrical magnetrons, places Angstrom at the forefront in offering the broadest industry range of performance and application specific designs in a complete package that provides a total solution for high performance reactive sputtering processes. Angstrom Sciences can also provide on-site process support and integration of the process flow systems providing our customers with both hardware and fully integrated solutions. Please contact our sales group  for specific options and further details.

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Broad band spectrum acquisition

The broad band spectrometer modules of the system acquire continuously complete spectra of the plasma light emission from 200 to 1100 nm.


Real time monitoring of plasma emission

Light emission from process relevant plasma particles is observed and tracked in real time. This allows a continuous monitoring of plasma conditions and changes are realized instantaneously.


Process optimization

Real-time monitoring gives the capability to optimize the plasma process by taking advantage of the instant system response on parameter changes.


Process control

Analog and digital outputs and inputs are available to install open and closed loop control functions. This feature can be used, for example, for end-point detection or for monitoring deviations from standard plasma process conditions. The integrated digital PID control function gives direct access to applications where closed loop control is necessary such as gas flow control or power control in reactive sputtering applications.


Multi-channel system

The EMICON MC and EMICON SA systems are available with up to 8 independent spectrometer channels. This enables e.g. multi-chamber process control or spatial resolved gas flow control in reactive sputtering applications.


Easy set-up for industrial environments

All parts of the system are designed to work in industrial conditions. The EMICON SA system for stationary production lines is managed by LAN interface. The USB 2.0 connectivity of the EMICON MC system makes this system the first choice for mobile use at different application.


Industrial interfaces PROFIBUS and LAN

All EMICON models can be extended by the industrial interfaces PROFIBUS and LAN for easy integration in industrial applications.


Type series

There are several EMICON series which satisfy different application types:

EMICON MC:   multi-channel standard system for plasma monitoring and process control.
EMICON SA:   stand-alone system with integrated process unit for process control in production lines.
EMICON HR:   spectral high-resolution system for detailed plasma analysis and plasma monitoring.


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